The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a special trek for lovers of nature and adventure, throughout the journey you will be able to observe beautiful landscapes. However, this walk is not an easy task, since it will be 4 days of pure walking and if you are not used to it, it will surely be difficult for you to do this trek. Therefore, some advice and recommendations should be taken on the things you should take to carry out this trek.

What clothes to wear

Surely you are wondering what clothes to wear for the Inca Trail, well, in general, you should only take the lightest things you can since you will only be allowed to carry a weight of 5 kilos. For example, you should bring the following:

  • Pants and jackets, because the Inca Trail has different altitudes, you need to bring at least 2 pairs of waterproof clothing since the Inca Trail has weather changes along the way.
  • Trekking shoes will be necessary to avoid falling or slipping during the walk.
  • Caps and hats, at high altitudes the sun is stronger and more intense, therefore wide-brimmed caps and hats will be important to avoid sunburn.
  • Towel and underwear It goes without saying that you need the necessary underwear for each day.
  • A polar blanket I recommend that you take a blanket since you will spend the night at more than 3500 meters above sea level.

Regarding Health

The Inca Trail is a trek of high difficulty for which you must take the following recommendations:

  • You must acclimatize, to be able to adapt to the different heights of the Inca Trail, it is recommended that you be in Cusco for at least 2 days, on these days you can take a city tour.
  • Meals, when you arrive in Cusco you should eat light and avoid heavy meals.
  • To stay hydrated, always carry a bottle of water. If you can’t find bottled water, you can buy water purification tablets.
  • Walk at your own pace, it is not necessary to follow the group throughout the journey, take breaks whenever you think it is necessary.
  • Drink an infusion of coca leaves, one way to counteract altitude sickness is to drink coca tea.
  • If you follow any medical treatment, it is recommended that you consult your doctor to carry out this trek.

The luggage

The heaviest luggage will be carried by the porters, you will only have to take into account the following:

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Personal hygiene items (toilet paper, brushes, soap)
  • Fresh fruits, candies, chocolates (they are good for accumulating energy).
  • Additional money.
  • Walking stick.
  • Flashlight and solar chargers since there is no electricity throughout the journey.
  • Sunglasses, lip balm
  • A photographic camera.
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